Stock for Sale

We are currently calving down 160 cows in two herds, one full pedigree and the other more commercially. The pedigree herd is split into a spring calving herd and an autumn calving herd, where as the commercial are spring calving. By having the herd split in this way we hope to cater for all customer needs, finding saleable, working cattle all year around.

Below is a selection of some of the bulls we currently have for sale, click on their name for further information. Please enquire for a full and up to date list.

Name Official UK EarTag Date of Birth Sire Weight Kg. (20.02.2019)
 Inferno PP  UK203351 101801  05/03/2017  Cocker PP  1145
Iggy Pop UK203351 601834  09/04/2017  Iver P 1125
 Invader PP UK203351 401839  22/08/2017  Cocker PP  755
Industrial P UK203351 601841 23/08/2017 Cocker PP  606
Ivan UK203351 701842  26/08/2017  Iver P  768
 Irwin UK203351 101843 26/08/2017 Iver P  652
Icon P UK203351 301845  29/08/2017 Cocker PP 620
 Inglebert P UK203351 501847 29/08/2017  Iver P 750
Itchy P UK203351 601848 31/08/2017 Iver P  710
Infinity P  UK203351 201851  03/09/2017  Cocker PP  636
 Ivor UK203351 101857  12/09/2017 Iver P  640
Ivanhoe UK203351 601862 27/09/2017  Electric P 600

Young Stock Bulls

All our bulls are fed on a commercial home-grown maize/silage ration, which incorporates wheat and lupins from the farms arable enterprise.The aim is to achieve well-grown bulls ready for work by 14 months of age.