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About Southdowns

The Southdown can pass on its superb conformation to its offspring, thrive and maintain its flesh when other breeds would likely suffer, be incredibly docile and easy to handle and be an ideal sheep for

small or large flocks




A good Southdown should catch the eye with its alertness and balanced appearance, displaying the following characteristics:


Head and face - Wide, level between the ears with no sign of horn. Not too long from eyes to nose, particularly rams. Hair of an even mouse colour


Eyes large and bright and clear of wool.  Ears of medium size and covered with short wool. Nose dark, not pink.


Neck and shoulders - Neck wide at the base and well set on the shoulder. Shoulders neither too wide nor too narrow and top level with the back.


Legs and feet - A leg at each corner, straight and well up on the pasterns. Neither cow-hocked, nor knock-kneed. Horn of hoof black.


Chest and ribs - Deep over the heart, but not too wide. Ribs well sprung.


Back and rump - Long, wide and level, evenly fleshed and firm to handle. Rump not pointed. Tail broad and well set up and level with chine.


Gigots - wide, deep and well filled.


Wool and skin, Wool fine and dense and of even colour, not black, covering the whole body down to the hocks and knees. Skin pink.

Josh and George Showing
Josh Evans showing his sheep at show
Josh Evans and his Southdown Show Team
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