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The Summer of 2023

The summer of 2023 proved to be a another successful year for us out showing. Supporting our local one day shows along with some other larger ones such as the The Royal Three Counties Show, Wroxall Nice Moira and her calf Noay flew the flag.

Moira then had some time out before producing another fine calf for us back in August. Noay then ventured out on her own to a few shows for some additional experience and behaved very well.

We've not managed to get out to as many shows as we would like this summer as we have been busy moving out of the farm at Wroxall. When I ask Rob what he has been doing each day for the past few months, other than the small matter of harvest, he replies 'clearing out more s***!'. We've all been there moving and realising that over the years quite a lot of what we probably don't really need has been acquired!

By the end of September we shall have a bit more time on our hands and Kington Grange Farm, Claverdon will be the new home of the Wroxall Herd. Here's looking forward to the 2024 season.

A huge thanks to all our friends, staff, fellow breeders and farmers who have supported us this year. We really appreciate it.

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