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A little bit of sunshine - Triplet Simmental bull calves born!

Updated: Jan 13, 2021

TRIPLET SIMMENTAL BULL CALVES BORN IN THE WROXALL HERD! It’s nice to go out in a morning and find an unexpected set of triplet pedigree Simmental bull calves born with no assistance, and doing well! That was the lovely bonus awaiting the Wroxall team of Dan and Rob Evans, Abbey Farm, Wroxall, Warwick on Thursday morning, 16th September. Entirely homebred, the triplet calves got by natural service are out of Wroxall India Patience, a Wroxall Cocker Leeky Soup daughter, and by the heterozygous polled bull Wroxall Electric 13. Wroxall India Patience is only a second calver and the Evans team will give a little thought to looking after mum and how best to rear the calves from here. Commenting, Rob Evans said: “This was a lovely surprise and a little bit of unexpected ‘sunshine’ after a tough year with the weather.” For the Wroxall herd, one of the original British Simmental herds and established in 1970, the birth of the triplets was a ‘first time’ event. Whilst the odds of triplets in beef cattle are said to be 105,000 to 1, this is the third time in recent months that British Simmental have reported on a hat-trick of calves!

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